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Please check here for information on the happenings of Troop 2904.  I'll try to keep it updated with all of the latest information.


December 6-8: PA training at Tomahawk.  Meet at 6:00 Friday at Kim's house - return around 12:30 Sunday.   See below for forms and information.

December 11:  Babysitting at Westridge 6:15-8:45

December 18:  Christmas meeting at Kim's house - bring your Secret Santa gift - NOTE this was going to be on the 11th but that is the day of the rehearsal for the Talent Show, so postponing to the 18th. 

January 19: Tentative date for skiing

January 24: Save the date for the cookie rally - we're running it this year, so please plan to be there.

January 26: Cookie sales start

Current Homework:

Get a $10 or less gift for the girl you drew in the secret santa drawing - contact Amy if you dont remember who you have.  Please bring to the December 18 meeting.


Forms and Information for the PA training:

Details are finally in.  We are planning to meet at Kim's house at 6:00 on Friday and return around 12:30 on Sunday.  Please eat dinner before we meet.  They will have a snack friday night but no meal.  We have exactly enough space in the cars for all of the girls, so no additional drivers needed at this time.  Council says that due to the weather forecast outdoor activities have been moved inside but we will still have to walk between buildings so please be sure to bring good snow boots and warm enough clothes!  Current forecast is highs around 10 and lows below 0 and 1-2 feet of snow between now and then. 

Medication form:  http://www.girlscoutsofcolorado.org/assets/upload/files/Forms/Medication%20Permission.pdf

Generic packing list - In addition to the packing list, we are asked to bring writing materials (paper/pen)  You may also bring an optional pocket knife and bandana.  Please remember snow boots as well as shoes to wear indoors and warm enough clothes. 

Permission slip - coming soon.

If you haven't paid for the training, please bring money Friday. 


Other Information

Signup Genius link for babysitting:  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090B48AFAD2CA64-babysitting

Signup genius link for snack: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090B48AFAD2CA64-scout



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